Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday and best friend

It was so lovely to see my friend Mol's work her at one of my favorite stores in the world.

I had so much fun on my birthday. I went with my daughter Camille for a day out at Point Reyes and Bolinas. We visited my best friend and son and had a blast. Anna and her family have been a main influence in what I like in a home. I grew up going to her house starting at the age of 12. I love her so much, when we get together its pure joy. This is her home in Bolinas that has been in the family for years. Her mother is Swedish and that area of the world has always been a huge inspiration to me. I hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Molly - how lovely to have such a good friend still nearby.
And I love her house too, so personal and individual, charming!

molly said...

happy bday mol!
love the post! thanks for the shout out!
and omygoooooodness, THAT HOUSE!!!

ashley said...

omg- that house is amazing! thanks for taking all the pictures, so beautiful. also i posted that pic of you and your fam eating the icecream... you have to get it.

comfies said...

the house already! so stunning!!!!!! and yes, happy birthday...xox

Anonymous said...

what a lovely palce to be inspired and spend your b-day! Love you and can't wait to celebrate with you my sweet friend. xxoo, Nav

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