Wednesday, July 7, 2010

produce bag made from tee shirt

I know this has been done a jillion times. I was inspired by my sister Colleen at Taking the reins in L.A. She is doing a garden course with her students and was talking about creating a produce bag with her friend Raina, and her students. This is just one of many ideas out there. I did a simple photo tutorial. This is something that any one can do and its only one seam. You can either use a machine or hand stitch. I recommend useing a zig zag stitch if you are using a machine.

Use any tee shirt that you like.

Fold it in half. Cut sleeve off and cut neck in a half U shape, it dosen't matter if they are equal in depth.

You can turn inside out to sew or not. Be creative.

Sew bottom seam only.



Anonymous said...

I love it! What a great way to introduce a kid to sewing!

Most people have more old T shirts than cloth shopping bags too, great recycling.

Molly de Vries said...

Thank you Tricia. I know, its so cute and so simple. I was just inspired tonight by an old Japanese pattern that I copied a long time ago. Its a simple long rectangle and you do these fancy cuts on opposite sides. A bit like origami, fold and sew it and at the top tie. very smart. I might make smaller ones for my bulk and produce line. I love that we are in touch. I have such respect for your esthetic and craftswoman-ship.