Wednesday, August 26, 2009

making happy, furoshiki

I have always loved wrapping gifts and carrying food to a party in cloth. I sold Furoshiki at Ambatalia, but with out the education of all the ways to wrap, it can be easily mistaken as a simple napkin. I really am getting into it because it has so many uses. Napkin, gift wrapping, purse, market bag, book carrier , scarf, apron and so many more ways. Please look up furoshiki on youtube for great instuction. These are just a few samples of my work, I also will be doing vintage, plain, and childrens fabrics. There are three different sizes for different wraps. Making happy, furoshiki is unique, sustainable and always hand stitched with white sashico. They are available in my etsy shop.
Childs lunch

Pot luck
Two mugs for coffee, I will see you at peet's
books, as a gift or returning to the library.

We will have beers



Bridget said...

They look great!

Suz Lipman said...

Thank you for reminding us about the beauty and tradition of wrapping presents in fabric.