Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Youth Making a difference celabration day

This last day of Youth Making a Difference was everything I had hoped for. It was our cooking day. I wanted us to make my friend Roberta's amazing apple cake, but at the farmers market we decided that we wanted to use what was in season. So blue berry crumb cake it was. We had started making yogurt the day before and I knew I wanted to make butter with the girls. I really didn't know what recipe we would use so I looked up Martha's version. The magical thing that happened was that this recipe needed sour cream and butter. So we substituted the sour cream with our home made organic Straus yogurt and butter. We talked about all the ingredients that we were using. Flour, sugar and dairy and where they came from. Who makes it possible for them to be in our markets and how long it had to travel to get here. More than anything else, we had such a beautiful time making this cake and creating this beautiful alter for our food. To make some of the ingredients from scratch and create such a masterpiece to share, knowing exactly what went in to it, I know this week was special. I hope the girls enjoyed it as much as I did. My friend Josie Maran sent the girls an earth day kit as a gift, a little extra magic for the day. It was wonderful ending the day playing with make up that is not only great for our skin, but also our planet. Thank you Josie and thank you Sienna, Sasha, Annabel, Grace and lucia for such a memorable week. Enjoy the rest of your summer, Love Molly

Some of the gifts they created to bring home.

Yummy, hand made organic yogurt

Drinking the butter milk separted from the butter. So delicious

Shake it, shake it, shake it!!!

Making new freinds, always the best!!
One of my favorite designs!

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ashley said...

MOLLY! you have created something soooo soo magical! this looks amazing. i love all your photos and love what the girls ended up taking home (their treasure box they handmade with plum jam, lipgloss, and all their other goodies... YOU ARE REALLY SOMETHING ELSE!