Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ambatalia officailly Closed.

Ambatalia was blessed with Anna dancing goddess Oshun for me

Ambatalia, the fabric society closing party was given to me by Ashley Helvey and Bridget Crow. I felt so loved and so celebrated. My heart and soul went into this 4 year run. Such a small endeavor for some, but so huge to me. It's difficult to write about the depth of this experience for me as a woman, a wife and a mother of three. I found an artist inside of me, but I found a need to create community around me to share and explore sustainability in everything we do to connect us in a deeper way. I've met so many wonderful people along the way that brings fulfillment to my life beyond measure. The day was blessed with a trunk show from Natalie " Alabama Chanin". It was so inspiring to meet a woman that has built a business model with such integrity. Please take the time to thoroughly enjoy her site and the hand stitch of her art work . It brought such an elegance to my party. My friend Patricia said it best" It would be a privilege to were her clothes. Because I knew she was coming two days before, I pulled together my partially finished "Making Happy" bedding. I was so inspired my Obama's slogan "YES WE CAN". With every stitch of my reclaimed linen strip quilt. I said Yes We Can. I presented it at my party with joy and to celebrate those words for our community and our world.

Kids are our peace teachers

Adam and Me Man ( very Scruffy) but still drop dead gorgeous


My Mom and neighbor Danial (drunk), JK

Best place to be

My dear Cara ( sister)

With out these two gems, I would be in the drunk ward

Bestest friend Anna ( since I was 12)

My Mom

One of my incredible sisters Susanna

Bro and Sis ( 2 sisters and 2 brothers not in shot)

Break dancing at it's best

Dancin, inspired by the kids

Molly and sweet Denise

My friend Aron always up for a sleepover

Annabel and Sasha pretend sleeping

The party continues into the night with candles and laughter

We decide we will spend the night in the "Yes we can" bed

Covered in a well used crazy quilt from Nottingham England circa 1830's

Annabel and Bridget waiting for breakfast in bed

A thank you to all of my customers and friends that brought
joy and creativity to my days.

Ambatalia has not died , just moved on to less overhead, leaving a beautiful space

I will be forever grateful and I am sad. I will miss this time
Please keep in touch, All my love, Molly


Anonymous said...

so much fun! such a happy ending : )

comfies said...

what lovely family and friends you have in your life. what a blessing! and what a lovely place you created for us all! it will be missed...

ashley said...

awwww! i had so much fun too! those photos are so great!

Emma Kate said...

I will forever miss this magical store. Thankyou so much molly for being who you are and making Ambatalia possible! Looking at these pictures made me cry... :( But, bridget is right and it looked as if it was a happy ending. I love that... so sorry i missed it.
I graduate in two weeks and I will send you a invitation if you would like...? just let me know...

Love you muchly Emma