Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving thanks

Well it's been a few weeks since I closed Ambatalia. I have been organizing my new Garden shop/ studio , etsy shop and home. I am getting a sense of relief now. Being with my kids and having the time to really focus on my next step has been relaxing and inspiring. I also feel reconnected with my self for the first time in a very long time. I feel so grateful that Barak Obama will be our president and even though these economic times are scary for a lot of people, I feel grateful that our society will have to look at our ways in which we live. Hoping that people will take a step back in consumption, build gardens, Bike way more, sew using sustainable fabrics, and buy locally from our farmers and artists. Take responsibility for our purchases. That would be a beautiful way to build a more connected community. There is usually a reason why things are inexpensive, someone has to pay for it. It's usually the people that are making it, growing it or our environment. I pray for the people out there that are truly suffering, I hope only the best for them. For the community around me, I hope to connect more in These times. Being a part of the Obama revolution. Calling people all over the country, talking to strangers and doing my best for a man I truly believe in. I will never forget, getting the wrong # and asking any way. It was an older woman, we connected right off the bat, I ended up singing my Obama song for her, it was semi reticules but so much fun. We laughed together with hope in our hearts. I know its a time in our country we we will be a part of the change and  will work hard together as a global community. I feel grateful for the opportunity . talk with you all soon, all of my love, Molly
Lets sing my Obama song  together. If you sing the words to Oh Donna , it will work. I need a new line for( please win on tuesday) throw one at me.

Obama, Obama
Rosa Parks sat, so that Martin could walk ( o o o o)
Obama's running so our children can fly
Oh  we love Obama
Please win on tuesday

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