Monday, June 20, 2011

The UC Botanical Garden Green Gala

 This show was first class ( I heard a gentleman say that behind me in the audience). My pieces are on the two Brunette cuties Mogana and Hanna. They were truly amazing. My pieces were called READY FOR ANYTHING Apron dresses. Hanna is wearing a reclaimed Cone Mill denim halter dress (hand stitched) with a reclaimed dip dyed in Distaff produce hat and Morgana is wearing a hemp tunic with three pockets on the front and back with a distaff fade and a Furoshiki reclaimed knit also dipped in Distaff.
There was such beautiful work there that I cried at one point. The combination of The Botanical Gardens, the incredible designers and models to of course Sasha Duerr, Christine Manoux and Deepa Natarajan that put the whole thing together. Every designer had such a flare of their own from outrageous and elegant to simple chic. Go here to see what I did at the first Gala. This is going to be a wonderful tradition that I know will only get better year by year. So if you could not make it this year, put this in June for next year and enjoy an amazing day that raises funds for one of the most beautiful and important Gardens in the country. Thank you Paige for the beautiful Photos. There is also a nice post at Ecouterre.


       Cassidy Wright of
       THE MOON

Sasha Duerr and Casey Larkin of

Ambatalia Girls

    Nicole Markoff of

    Mariah Carlson and Alice Wu


Amber Elandt


Arial Bishop of SPIKIT
 Cory Gunter of

    Ambatalia Produce hat
Sky Schuchman

    Sarah Borruso of

    Angelina DeAntonis
   of OCELOT

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