Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Launching Ambatalia Local Plant Dye Collection at Dwell On Design 2011

I have had such an exciting week starting off with the amazing Green Gala fashion show at the Berkeley Botanical gardens last Saturday to being a part of the Dwell On Design through Remodelista at the LA Convention Center opening this Friday the 24th. Amongst other designers such as Glassybaby, Heath Ceramics, Studio Patro and Atelier de Troupe just to name a few but it's pretty exciting line up. 
If you are in LA and want to come, you do not have to purchase a ticket to enjoy the market.

 Launching my local plant dye line there at dwell with two summer colors Toyon Red and Distaff Green. 
I am also collaborating with Maria Schoettler on bread and produce bags. 

Native California Chaparral species,
 habitat for songbirds.

 Invasive species that whose removal saves our
wildlands from unnecessary chemical sprays.

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