Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yea, I created a tumblr site, because some times I get stuck and this gives me freedom. I get so much enjoyment and inspiration from looking at so many images at one time and then some how, at some point all of that randomly edites somewhere in side of me and it all comes together in an one very important idea( to me). Is there such a thing as a creative orgasm. It kind of feels like that, super satisfying . I figure my friends can go here when their fed up with me not posting for so long. I guess I could of done the same thing here, but it just feels so right posting one lovely thing after another with no rhyme or reason when ever I feel like it. I hope you like.

Hey I'm about to give away a huge collection of non disposable life goods at My plastic free life
I'm actually really excited to be apart of Beth Terry's world formerly known as fake plastic fish. I am totally grateful to her and her followers. I believe my giveaway brought more than 30 challengers to see how much plastic they use in their lives. Mostly courageous lovely people who deeply care about our lovely earth.

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