Friday, October 11, 2013


This week I would like to introduce you to Danielle and the Ambatalia kitchen furoshiki. Danielle and I grew up together in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been best friends since the sixth grade. A recent graduate from Northwestern University, Danielle actually works behind the scenes as Ambatalia's blog editor. Since last week's post was quite a hit, we wanted to continue the how-to's. This week Danielle modeled one of my favorite products; the Ambatalia kitchen furoshiki. Photographed here in brown ticking, these magical squares are 31" x 31," 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton and manufactured 100% in San Francisco. The kitchen furoshiki also comes with a 68" twill tape and directions for use. They are perfect for carrying casserole, pie, and drinks to potlucks and picnic, but also turn into an instant apron and grocery bag, or a gift wrap for breads, wine, or your favorite book. This week Danielle helps us illustrate several general uses of this modern gem.

Using the twill tape that comes with the kitchen furoshiki, you can fold the square in half and wrap the twill tape as a belt to hold this half sized apron in place. Perfect for gardening or cooking. 

Simply tie corners into two square knots. Then, fold the corners inside. This will create a little basket to fill up with fruit or any finding at the market.

Similar to the bag demonstrated in last weeks post, this furoshiki can be tied into a little tote bag. Simply tie opposing corners into two square knots, and voila you have a bag! Tie one square knot tighter then the other to allow room for a handle.

Eliminate plastic or paper when you pick up flowers for your lover, have the florist wrap your bouquet in the kitchen furoshiki cloth and use the twill tape to secure it with a bow.

Perfect for a spontaneous picnic. Use as a miniature picnic cloth or tablecloth and enjoy your food!

Similar to option 1, but instead use the whole cloth and secure with the twill tape for a full length chef's apron. Simple and stylish.

Bring your books to school or wrap them as a gift. An easy folding method, simply lay books in the middle of the cloth and fold one set of opposing corners snug around the book. Take the other set of opposing corners and tie in a tight square knot. There it is!

Going on an adventure? Wear it as a bandana as you ride off into the sunset!

One of the more complicated wrapping techniques; this furoshiki can wrap two bottles of wine (or whatever you like to drink) and turn it into a lovely gift wrap. Lay down two bottles in the middle of the cloth with the bottoms of the bottles facing each other and about 4 inches apart. Proceed to roll the two bottles, until they are completely wrapped in a tube of the cloth. Then stand both bottles up, and tie in a square knot at the top. Now get to your party!

How do you guys use your Ambatalia kitchen furoshiki? Please share!