Friday, October 4, 2013


Ambatalia furoshiki scarves are oozing with good vibes. This is why I bring mine everywhere. Each one is individually hand-stitched with love in New Mexico by artist Mikaela Kate Hennessey-Ambatalia owner Molly’s sister. "I am finding over time that it is not the art of perfect stitching, I seek. It is the act of sitting quietly, the meditation of handy creation and dreaming of good things while my fingers move," says Mikaela of the stitching. The beautiful running stitch along the edge of the scarves adds a simple and unique touch, to complement the simplicity of the cloth.

Jennifer with her furoshiki scarf
Furoshiki scarves hanging in New Mexico, Photo taken by Mikaela Kate Hennessey

This scarf will take you through fall, winter, spring, and summer. Made of 100% Irish linen, it keeps you warm when it’s chilly and lets you breathe when it’s hot out. It also can turn into an instant bag for a shopping spree, or an old-fashioned halter-top, among other creative things!

Cloth has carried us all through generations until now.  For many of us, its about time we listen and begin using and reusing,” writes Mikaela on the use of the furoshiki. This week I wanted to illustrate how versatile this cloth is, and share with you some fun and creative ways it can be used. I asked my beautiful roommate Jennifer to model the Ambatalia furoshiki scarf for me. Purchase one here!

1. The classic scarf

2. The babushka

3. The tote bag

4. The halter

5. Boudoir style, no knots required

Those don't look too hard now, do they? The only one that might be puzzling you is the tote bag option. So here is a how-to on:

How to use the furoshiki scarf as a bag:
Step 1: Lay out the furoshiki with your object in the center. 

Step 2: If you are wrapping clothes it's nice to fold it beforehand.

Step 3: Take two opposing corners and double knot it, or for better security use a square knot. If you do not know what a square knot is, refer to the beautiful diagram below.

Step 4: Do the same thing with the other opposing corners, but place knot towards the end of the corners as to allow for a handle. 

Step 5: Voila! You are good to go!

There it is. 5 simple ways to wrap your furoshiki scarf. How do you guys use your furoshiki? What do you wrap up? I would love to hear-please comment!



Veitch said...

Love all these ideas. Wondering what kind of thread is used for the running stitch.

Anonymous said...

Veitch, Thank you! the ideas are all so practical and fun at the same time... I use 3 strings of embroidery thread (organic when I can find it)

Furoshiki said...

You definitely have ever use summed here! :)