Saturday, February 2, 2013

Furoshiki Kitchen Towels


  • USE - Perfect for carrying casserole, pie and drinks to pot lucks and picnics. Turns into an instant apron and grocery bag as well as making a wonderful gift wrap for breads, wine or your favorite cook book. Comes with 68" twill tape ( to transform into apron) and directions for use.
  • MATERIALS -100% natural Linen , hemp and organic cotton,  pure organic cotton
  • ORIGIN - Manufactured in San Francisco. . 
  • SIZE -These kitchen towels are a gigantic 31" x 31".
  • CARE - Suggested to wash in cold/ warm and line dry to protect environment . Okay to wash in warm and tumble dry. 

natural linen
natural linen

two block furoshiki linen and grey ticking

red stripe and grey stripe hemp organic cotton and Linen

  ocean blue hemp, organic cotton

brown ticking

pantry list on organic cotton

       Furoshiki Fold- I'm told this Fold is an ancient tradition
from Peru to hold prayers.
    Each Ambatalia comes in this fold. 
Holds precious items safely in an inclosed pocket.

brown ticking Furoshiki


Tammie Lee said...

how wonderful that you are selling these wonderful cloths that are endlessly useful, good for the environment and our spirit as well!

Molly de Vries said...

Thank you Tammie,
I appreciate your comment. I love what I do and yes, I find much satisfaction in the simple.