Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ambatalia every day scarf Furoshiki

I have been looking for the perfect fabric to do a Ambatalia every day Furoshiki scarf.  This is a very high quality linen( hand stitched with extra loven) and measures 42"X42" out of Ireland.  I would say the color is black but it is woven with a soft white to give a softer look. Now when you're
 clothes shopping in the big city you can rip off your scarf to make a big phat bag to carry everything just like super WOman! The turtles, fishies and whales will love you for it and you be looken good working your magic.

 The starting point to make a bag ( two knots on diagonal corners)
then just bring the other two corners and tie!


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

That is just beautiful Molly!

My Love Wedding Ring said...

That is fabulous!! And an ingenious bag too :)

Justin Camp said...

It's a really very beautiful skirt.

agnes szucs said...

it looks so good!
i love linen.

agnes / iiiinspired