Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting ready for S.F Gift Show

A huge success at the S.F gift Show thanks to Maria Schoettler, Colleen Hennessey and Chromaculture. We showed a selection of goods such as Maria's famous seasonal fruits and veggie calendars, Two Market bags, the modern apron, three styles of Furoshiki including Alice Waters Pantry list and locally plant dyed using Native California Toyon, a new produce and bulk bag and two new wine bags. I will go through them individually to show you the very special features of each a little later.

  Ambatalia 2012 fall colors

 Maria wearing the modern apron with the classic Ambatalia ticking 
kitchen Furoshiki as a scarf ready for anything!
Maria's 2013 Calendars in the back ground.

   Ambatalia Bulk bags

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