Friday, February 3, 2012

Coreopsis Tintroia workshop at the farmers market

I do natural and Fibershed inspired childrens activitys at the Farmers market every third Saturday of the month. This last week I did a Plant dye workshop using Fibershed Coreopsis Tintroia grown and dryed here in Marin county. It makes a yellow that is international and timeless France. Doing shibori with plant dye and learning that you can grow your own color, no shipping energy, no petrolum needed is a pretty awesome concept.
 I would love to see freinds there, these activitys are for all ages. What do you think would be a great Fibershed project? I would love to here your ideas...... and best thing ever would be for you to come help me some time for fun???

  Even Sid the Squid from Fibershed came to say hello to the kids( Knitting and dying kit made withYarn from Mill Valley and Coreopsis from Laginitas.

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