Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fibershed and Rowland Ricketts

I realized while walking down this beautiful dirt road in the Nicasio hills on the Marin Carbon Project Land.  Excited to Meet Rowland and ready to begin a day of hardwork to help build Fibersheds Indigo compost floor.  In this Video that I share Rowland talks about the importance of working together. Thats something that I crave in my life. That was one of the key reasons for opening Ambatalia years ago. Looking back I know it was steps towards that dream. I truley believe if you do what you love its not always an easy or clear path but hopefully one day something happens and all of a sudden it makes sense.
I definitely had one of those ah ha moments that day.
      I just ordered 200 Polygonum tinctorium Japanese indigo seeds from the Fibershed Market place. I am married to a gardener but I wouldn't consider myself one. I am about to sign a lease for a new studio 
( crossing my fingers) that happens to be a green house, so I figure I better start growning Indigo as a part of the Fibershed. I'm actually obsessed with it and have been for a long time,  I am so grateful to be a part of this Fibershed community I deffinatly feel a part of something really important and meaningful.  I feel like its an extention of my self.

Go over  to A verb for kleeping warm for a step by step guide of what we did that day.

Nicasio, California

Beautiful Rebecca, with out her we wouldn't be here.

This indigo compost house ( NEDOKO) would never be a reality with out John Wick and Peggy Rathmann.
John built it with Help. We are forever grateful.

 John drops sand over the Gravel.

Every step we all have to get in to press it down( tamp) by walking all over it.
 This is a Japanese tool that helped, can't remember what its called.

Rice hulls are put in ( man those were bouncy little dudes)

Ah.... Lunch and what a feast it was! 

Rowland showing us how to separate Indigo seeds.
Every thing kind of blows away while you shake them. 


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Absolutely fascinating Molly - I would loveto grow indigo, and flax too, but you know my problem: no land!

I'll ring you for a visit, soon.


Laura said...

Molly, good luck on the new studio, I would love to see it one day.

I so believe his message about working together, thanks for sharing.

Canoe said...

Molly, I am so glad I found your blog again! It's always been a big source of inspiration. It was a great surprise to see Rowland on here, too! We went to grad school together and I was always so impressed by his work. Glad you two have connected and that he is sharing his vast knowledge. Here in Austin, Texas I recently befriended a lovely lady that is growing her own indigo,

Thanks for doing what you love and sharing it with us all.

Maura said...

Hi Molly,

I'm so glad Natalie shared your blog with me. I feel a little crazy to have planted 500 indigo plants for the first time ever, and come 3 months or so I'll have to harvest them! I"m glad I could pick up some tips from your blog, I might have more questions for you soon!