Thursday, September 29, 2011

Furoshiki in the garden

If you look at my blog you probably know that I'm obsessed with Furoshiki. I specialize in the kitchen Furoshiki as seen below keeping my chemex coffee warm (mom and dads wedding gift 50 years ago) I've often thought of making a furoshiki for the garden inspired by my husband that does it with out using the fancy word,  really its a multi purpose cloth and of course the Japanese made it an art form.
So here it is a garden furoshiki, shown as a table cloth.

same cloth picking up leaves, of course you can use it in many ways.

My husband showed me this furoshiki knot trick. So that you can get the knot out easily,  you fold one of the ears when you tie it. Does that make sense? I will come back later with more detail.

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