Monday, September 26, 2011

Eat Real Festival in Oakland California

I participated this weekend in the Eat Real Festival collaborating with Maria Schoettler . We had such a wonderful time together. Bringing Maria's 2012 seasonal Calenders and Ambatalia's innovative work aprons, produce, bread, market bags and multi purpose kitchen Furoshiki to Oakland's local food celebration. This event founded by
Anya Fernald I believe has brought real change to the local food movement that you can really sink your teeth into and it taste so freaken good. She purchased two Ambatalia/ Fibershed Aprons dyed in Local California Toyon and Woolly distaff thistle. She is one smart gorgeous lady.

 Honored to make uniforms for Belcampo Meats. Every one looked so great.

 Fitting El Taco Bike with their custom apron made out of White Oak denim gold and leather lacing.

New apron I designed called MUCA( Modern Urban Craft Apron). Made creating no waste using the cut out for the pocket. Floating apron for ease and comfort.

Every day smock made in French blue Hemp and organic cotton. Two huge secret pockets on sides.

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Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I want a Modern Urban Craft Apron Molly! Should I come on Saturday?