Tuesday, January 4, 2011

fibershed sea side

It's because of Rebecca Burgess that we are building our local fibershed again as a community, you have to go see her site for incredible pictures of this day. Seriously, go see the pictures, they put mine to shame. I feel honored to be a part of it. So many amazing connections to people that I have dreamt of having in my life.

What a magical day at Drakes beach, Point Reyes. Just the drive alone got my so excited, I could not believe that I live a hour away from this place. Did I forget? Annabel, Jullian and I arrived and the first thing we saw were three sleeping elephant seals, scattered on the beach. It made our day!!! We only experienced more and more beauty as the day went on. To see more beautiful pictures please jump here.

Sweet Rebecca giving a toast.

Mom, a tree

Toyon and sage

Salt water bath
Annabel playing with Shibori of rocks and string .
my salt water soak( just doin my own thang over here)
A friend cooking venison for us to eat. Delicious

Katherine sharing her home brew of honey mead and a smile.

Jullian made a natural bottle and cork out of kelp. He was so excited to find that by pumping it, he would have a water gun. I think he learned more in that invention than he would of learned in school that day, oops.
I had started a basket with kelp, learning from my friend that you always have to warp your basket with an odd number. So I took that even number and started the weaving and then it became a community basket.
Annabel's masterpiece of Native Toyon and Shibori
Different mushroom dyes created by Dustin. On the drive out in my mind I was creating a mushroom dyed cloth bag as an alternative to that paper bag we use in so many ways. Perfectly I met my teacher.

The copper used as a mordant, the steam and the fire was magnificent

Native Toyon

What we brought home


Anonymous said...

That look like such a wonderful day, what a lot you did together! LOVE the kelp basket~ and thenatural dyes. Brilliant.

Unknown said...

Wow! So inspiring...so this is a group local folks who are all into this kind of thing? All of these pictues are so beautiful.

Dustin Kahn said...

Hi Molly, Enjoyed your pix of our amazing Fibershed day at the beach. I am so glad to have met you, and to be part of this creative community. Looking forward to some mushroom dye adventures together. -Dustin

Laura said...

What an inspiring day. The kelp basket was amazing! I want to know the name of the stitch your friend used on her knitting, so delicate.

Thanks for sharing.

Molly said...

oh my, the seaweed basket is amazing!

Dustin Kahn said...

Hi Laura, You asked about the stitch I am using on my scarf. I think it's called tapestry stitch. I got the basic pattern on Ravelry:
and it's also available on Etsy:

molly said...

wondering if you've met my friend Paige Green, who is photo documenting Rebecca's fibershed world? how very cool you guys had this amazing day. it looks incredible. and i absolutely agree, the kids were better off here than in "school"! ha!

Molly de Vries said...

yes I know Paige from so many corners of my world it's almost weird. she did a photo shoot of my products recently. She's super far out. nice to hear from you and so nice to see you beautiful show. There is good shit happening all around us.

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