Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ambatalia brings in the love from friends

Ya man, I don't want to be that gal any more. I have been deeply inspired by my new friend Danielle from It starts with me. Her commitment is contagious. I really want to start something up either at Muir, point Reyes, Stinson or Bolinas? She is the one that inspired me to do my 5 min at Drakes at the Fibershed seaside. I know it was only 5 mins, but I knew I was starting something. Thinking of Danielle and who ever inspired her and hopefully you and so on and so on and so on.....You know what I'm saying. Any way I have some sweet goods at my market store including my Friend Tisha Thompson's crochet market bags. I supply the hemp and she supplies the talent. Come see me some Saturday.

Lovely new friends and gorgeous fresh delectables


Unknown said...

You have me truly inspired today!

Unknown said...

Molly!! I can't stop smiling... thank you for the amazing compliment :) I love that you did 5 minutes... because it's 5 more minutes than you did before! ;) (Just think if everyone gave 5 minutes... I love thoughts like that...)

Ripple effects are powerful... those who inspired me... inspired you and it'll keep going...we're all connected... and I LOVE that.

So happy to have connected with you and I most certainly am looking forward to seeing where inspiration leads you... :)

<3 Danielle

molly said...

i just love your whole new world, molly, thank you.