Monday, July 9, 2007


Mumin 1
On a recent visit to my sister's I discovered the wonderful world of Moomin by Trove Jansson. Oh how I WANT! fabrics of her wonderful illustrations.


Anonymous said...

I adore the moomins! Don't despair; the moomins have such a large fan base that there has bound to be fabric somewhere out there!
Love your store!


Anonymous said...

Did a quick search on google.
Lo and behold!
Moomin fabric everywhere!

Mama Molly said...

ohmeohmy! thank you so much for the links!

ashley rose helvey said...

these are sooo good

comfies said...

i love "mama with berries" and "finlayson oy". thos are great links. molly, thanks for your comment and just wanted to make sure you saw the other post about your shop:

hope to come back soooon! love it there! xod