Sunday, July 15, 2007

I would love to start sharing bits of my family story with you all. I love stories- stories behind fabrics, behind photos, and behind people. I believe everyone's story is important, whether it be about why they like a piece of cloth or how they are feeling about something. Stories are life and I like blogs for that reason- to share stories. I have 3 wonderful sisters that are all pretty exceptional human beings and I want to share what gifts that I think they have to share with the world.

Beginning with my sister Mikaela Kate. Mikaela Kate is a homespun, earth-lovin' creator with a peasant Gee's Bend style. Not only is she an incredible mother, musician, writer and sister, she has an incredible gift with the needle. She dropped how she was suppose to do it a long time ago and she does it how ever she wants to- magic happens because of it. She teaches me how to live life with her lovely listening skills and kick-your-butt-honesty. I cherish her.
Mikaela Kate recently sent me an heirloom doll made by hand for all the women in our family. Her name is Wila. She was made with crazy amounts of love. She was made to be passed through the hands and hearts of a family of mothers, sisters, cousins and daughters. Future generations will learn "Herstory".

Eventually all Mikaela's wonderful creations will be available on Ambatalia's site. One of my faves are her hand-embroidered organic flannel menstral pads. They feel so great and they are all hand-stitched with love from my sis, so you get the extra lovin' you need at that time of the month. I will get pictures and prices up soon. For now, Wila is beginning her story here at Ambatalia!
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comfies said...

such a wonderful doll and wonderful-sounding sis, thanks for sharing...

molly said...

isn't it great having fabulous sisters that are also incredibly creative and talented? i feel the same way about mine! and, my brothers, too! each one of my sibs made all the pieces of my weddinig (dresses, napkins, name holders, the works!). lucky, lucky, eh?