Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ambatalia Holiday Linens

I'm really excited about offering holiday linens at the Marin Country Mart farmers market on Saturdays.  I have a collection of hemp, vintage, reclaimed and linen hand mades for your tables.  Come say Hi and see what I'm up to..

 Dont forget Ambatalia creates textiles to be multi purpose. Furoshikis kitchen towels turn into aprons, bento origami produce and bulk bags turn into bread bags.

Modern cutie ( original Ambatalia design) made out of recaimed light blue denim on gorgeous Amber.

New designs from  Maria Schoettler  for Ambatalia. Tea towels on the most beautiful organic cotton grown in the states and woven in the states. Made to resemble kitchen cloth from Lyons France a hundred years ago. The hand and integrity in this cloth is heirloom quality.  Will be screen printed in Oakland in the next couple of weeks. Can't wait to have them in my hands.

Tea towel design by Maria Schoettler for Ambatalia.

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Laura said...

Beautiful! You should be proud of yourself.