Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Bridget is my dear friend and favorite Ambatalia Model. She goes to art school in Chicago, when she comes to town I usually get some time with her. We have so much fun together. Take a peak at these photos of the last night Ambatalia was open. We slept in the shop ( never forget it )

Wearing Issey full apron

Bistro with leather lacing

      Sexy Server ( made these for Small shed in Mill Valley)

     Denim Bistro with organic twill and moon pockets

 My friends John and Anna at Mattarello make the best Pasta ever. If there is one thing I come home from the market with its this stuff and he is enthusiastic about supporting my non-disposable ways and quite good at it, you can see the care given in his hands. The sauces he makes are crazy good, but sometimes just butter and a little salt and pepper do the trick.

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