Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Friends

I 'm writing this post setting a president for the next year. Even if it's little bit late and slow to post. I will proceed, even though I do know it's January 25th now. I have stopped my self so many times before from sharing with you of who I really am. I'm hesitant, because my life style is not neat and pretty like I see on so many blogs. I want to share with you my process and more of the truth of my life. Hopefully you will enjoy the progress of my healing. I notice that so much of my creativity has much to do with the healing and growing as a human being. My art is about having to figure things out with what I have. Because I grew up with so much chaos, I notice my work is very simple and plain. I talk about honoring the table, but my family has often eaten on the floor because our table is such a mess with projects. I guess it's easy to share now that I have made a commitment to keep it clean and ready for dinner. I'm exploring order in a new way. My goal is to bring order for creating peace not control. My artistic work is a way for me to MAKE peace.
Being 46, there is no messin around with those numbers. I am a woman. I am married to a wonderful man, have three beautiful children, a dog, guinea pig and two fish and getting ready to build a chicken coup. Living in an 800 sq ft cottage with all of these beings. I've had a difficult time organizing and keeping things in order in the midst of a busy life. If you were my customer at ambatalia, I'm sure you remember the piles. I really hate to admit it, but its been a good year and I can honestly say I have found some peace in my home. It's so far from being done ( what ever that means). But, because of the pure passion and obsession for doing what I love. I have been forced to make order and systems. A huge part of that is living in this f----n small space. My living, office, dinning, play, studio room is all one room. Making ambatalia aprons and pulling thread out of the Romanian hemp to get a strait line is a meditation for me. I'm not necessarily blogging because I think so many people are so interested. I find it interesting in other people and I pick up so much inspiration from friends that are different from me and I love that. I think it's an amazing study. I hope you do find something about what I have to share about myself interesting, funny or comforting.

My new years PEACE solutions for this year:
fall in love with my family and friend even more than I already do!
everything out of my house that is not lovingly useful or that I can't live with out!!! I guess my kids and husband have a say in this!
Stretch my body daily( haven't started)
Only buy local meats, vegies
build a chicken coup
Be more kind to my family
keep the dinner table clear
Start the day off with a clean house
Trust my self that I can be successful( financially) in what I love to do
Support my kids in every way possible
Be compassionate to my Mother
get more sleep
become a better cook
play guitar more
post more on my blog!!!!
enjoy life!!!

Some photos of my Studio/ living room

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