Monday, July 6, 2009

Berkeley Botanical Gardens, Green Gala

Its been too long since I've blogged. I have been so busy slowing down (he he). It takes a lot of practice for me to actually be in the moment and enjoy my life blessings. I have to say the last few months I have had three back to back events that I had to do a lot of preparing for. It's my first summer with my kids and trying to just enjoy these beautiful days with them, blogging was just one to many things to do.

Wow what a beautiful day. The Green Gala fashion show at the Berkeley Botanical gardens was truly inspiring. I had the pleasure of showing my pieces with amazing Eco designers from around the bay area. The setting was magical in the redwood grove. The huge collection of plants, the beauty and education that the botanical garden brings to our bay area community was the reason we were there. Cloth and plant are one in the same, hemp, linen, cotton, bamboo, nettle, soy and many others. They are as important as our food. What ever we put into the dirt ends up in our body's. Then there are plant dye and for centuries the most beautiful cloth in the world has been dyed with plants. Indigo, Woad, madder, onion, lichen, sassafras, brazilwood and so many more.

Because working with sustainable fabrics is my passion, for this body of work I am inspired by heirloom textiles and designs. I created by hand modern pieces. With each stitch I become conscious of the amazing quality and craftsman ship woven in these textiles. I bring to life a new story that connect us to our history and a way of using what we have, practice years ago as a way of life.

revamped vintage 1930's vest transformed into a Halter, hand stitched and
hand felted 1980's woven wool, copying an old Asian jacket
revamped mock Victorian blouse and fabric covered shoes
jean skirt by del forte

hand sewn vintage lace trim blouse,
Romanian hemp and turmeric dyed hemp obi,
vintage silk fabric pleated skirt
and Japanese cloth covered shoes.

top made with 1930's laundry bag labeled Ruth A. Reed and
vintage Swiss cloth hand stitched

jeans by del forte

beautiful photos by Cara Mia photography

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