Monday, June 1, 2009

Emma Kate has moved

We went to go see Emma at her apartment before she moved. Tears were a flowin. Emma walked into Ambatalia about 3 years ago. I took one look at her and it was like seeing a beautiful flower in full bloom. I wanted her to be a part of my life and she has. She worked at the shop and became part of my family. Originally being from Texas, she had that southern thing shinning from deep within. Kindness, beauty and talent are the words that come to mind. I love her. She and her dear friend Priscilla are designers of Green Dog Designs, available at select stores. She's movin back to Texas, and I will miss her so much, but I will not loose touch. Austin here we come!


ashley said...

awww... i'll miss emma :(

Emma Kate said...

I love you Miss Molly! you are the sweetest. Cant wait to come visit you or you come to Texas.... Love.