Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ashley and I worked on the our winter window display today. It is always a struggle... having to keep up with our society's way of celebrating the season freaks me out, especially when there are so many different beautiful ways to celebrate it. I believe in a lot of things, but believing in just one way is not one of them! I have found the best way for me is by honoring and celebrating everything. And that doesn't mean just the good stuff.

This morning an acquaintance said to me, "Where's your Christmas display Molly?" Arghh. Then I realized I have been procrastinating because there is this huge part of me that struggles with the whole sell, sell, sell ---- starting right after the Halloween displays. Truthfully, I love this season- with its hot cocoa, gift giving, candlelight, yummy food, and all the magic . I wish I could create a "window of light" and possibly all collectively make a choice to help each other in ways that we didn't think possible.

I want to share with you my last years window display poem written by my good friends Roberta and Jim, helping me in my display crisis. This sums it up:

May you be gifts to those you see,
Better than presents under a tree.
May your faces, smiling bright,
Give off a glow like candle-light.
You need no ribbon nor a bow,
Your love is all that needs to show.
Let this Holiday wish come true:
May peace on earth begin with you!

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