Monday, July 11, 2011

workin on

I'm lucky enough to do projects with live culture and this is an apron dress I'm working on for them.
I used the other side of cone mills denim and my own kind of wash where I  put alot of denim in a hot washing machine and then I let it sit for a long time all tangled leaving some indigo streaking and wrinkles. You can't totally see it here but looks fab.

 I'm  interested in offering goods sewn purely by hand. There is something about it that is so genuine and its a natural way I can work and be with my family.  One of my favorite things to do. This is a 30" Cone Mills denim. I used a sturdy bright orange stitch. The pockets are from the underarm area of the apron. I call it my no waste pockets or moon pockets. There a little bit more love in this one.

 Being at Dwell on Design was a lot of fun. Three days in L.A. Maria Schoettler joining me made all the difference in the world. She makes my Ambatalia aprons look soooo good. 
We are collaborating on textiles together. Our first Project was the baguette bag and now we are doing produce bags together. All of the textiles are made with real French seams and Maria's art work is amazing. If you haven't seen her eat local calenders. Put it on your list for must have this holiday season. I 'v never seen any thing so beautiful and useful.  She also does native plants calenders and greeting cards. Screen printed in Oakland Ca. You can purchase ambatalia textiles.

 The performance art piece showcased Japanese artist SASAKI, clad in a silver jumpsuit, listening to a donor’s heartbeat and tracing the pattern of the rhythm in red paint with an airbrush. Each hexagon in the series represents one minute’s duration of the donor’s heartbeat. The art is being created as an effort to raise money for Architecture for Humanity’s relief and rebuilding efforts in Japan.

yep that's me, my heart beat was pounding on a loud speaker. It was pretty cool. Every heart beat has a different sound and rhythm uniting all of us in the big honeycomb.

 working on a new bag, hemp, French seams in side out with hand cut and sewn leather handles.
Sturdy, Sassy and Sustainable. 


 Happy customer with apron dyed by Rebecca Burgess 
for Ambatalia in Toyon, native to California


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I love them all, and particularly like your moon pockets! With you on the hand sewn - actually I have discovered a new (to me at least) seam which is quick and ultra-neat, will show you sometime!
Have you been to yet Molly? It's good, and right up your alley.

Molly de Vries said...

Your the best Tricia, and my mentor. Would love to learn all of your tricks. I will look into the fashion thang soon, thanks for the lead.

Laura said...

You are such a volcano of ideas, my friend. Everything looks so lovely, especially the bag.