Thursday, June 9, 2011

I see the plastic

photo by Camille Tupper

Both Tess Felix and Judith and Richard Lang's art work can be seen at 142 Throckmorton in Mill Valley until June 30th.

Plastics collected off Kehoe Beach, a remote stretch of the Point Reyes National Seashore, in Northern California. Both Tess Felix and Judith and Richard Lang's art work can be seen at 142 Throckmorton in Mill Valley until June 30th.

Plastics sold at California Academy of Science 
I find this hypocrisy disturbing.

All this effort to teach us about our environment and how to protect it and then turn around and sell products that are part of the problem. Kids are going to catch on smarties.

Costco plastic 


Laura said...

Sadly plastic is cheap to make, packaging in any other way is much more expensive.

Camille, I have wanted to start a campaign against big corporations like target or costco to push them to decrease their use of plastic packaging. What kills me is to see little items like a wallet or a face cream packaged in plastic 4 or 6 times the size of the item.

The other big problem with plastic is that it ends in the landfills because people are lazy and don't make the choice of putting it in the recycling bins. Cities like Mill Valley are responsible because they don't do enough to help people make that choice by locating the recycling bins in an easy and reachable place.

I feel that we are running out of time so quickly and nobody cares, why? More public campaigns, more media lead awareness? What can we do?

Kids your age have so much power, they are the next generation, but are they aware? Do they understand the problem?

Have you talked to the Academy of Science about their store products? Maybe if enough people complain they will change directions on what they sell.

Thanks for this post!

Laura said...

Molly, somehow I thought this was a post by Camille.

Anyhow, I would love to do something about this but I feel that I can only do so much alone. I would love to join forces, maybe a Mill Valley committee against plastic? Certainly we could push for the ban on plastic bags and to increase awareness about recycling in our city.