Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I knew someday I would have to weave textiles. Beacause I do table coverings, runners, place mats and napkins as part of my line. Weaving on a small loom is perfect.
First I want to make a back strap loom. As I started to research weaving and looms. Of coarse I want to buy the most beautiful table loom at louet . I can't afford it right now, I can still dream of having it some day (sometimes thats enough for me). I decided by watching endless video's about indigenous weaving around the world. Japan, Africa, Mexico, Indonesia. I realized for my small house and budget that I wanted to build my own back strap loom. The cool thing is, is that you can do it any where. Because I do live in such a small space. Spring and summer we practically live outside and I love an open studio, he he. I will start to figure out what I need. I do know I want work with natural linen or hemp for now.

A = A cord or rope is used to tie the loom to a tree or post.

B = End bars are used to hold the warp (vertical threads) to the upper
and lower ends of the loom.

C and D = Shed rods maintain the crossing of the warp's threads.

E = The heddle rod lifts alternate threads of the warp.

F = The batten helps to separate alternate threads of the warp to allow
the bobbin (G) to pass through them. The batten can also be used to
tighten the weft (horizontal threads) as they are woven.

G = The bobbin, containing the thread of the weft, passes from side to
side between the warp.

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