Sunday, March 28, 2010


Inpsired by Gina Sekelsky

1. My family is the most important thing to me and I LOVE them with all of my HEART. 2. My work is close 2nd. 3. I love Carroll Burnette and Flip Wilson because my father did. 4. I don't care what my kids do in their life as long as they are happy. 5. I want to allow my self to dream bigger. 6. I am in love with my husband. 7. I am super hard on my self. 8. I am a recovering alcoholic. 9. I feel my father inside my heart, like he is truly apart of me every day. 10. My sisters are my greatest supporters. 11. I pray to forgive my Mother. 12. I m a total goofball. 13. I struggle with anger. 14. I stay up really late, afraid I'm going to miss something. 15. I can't stop creating. 16. I can't face the suffering in the world. 17. I do want to be somebody. 18. I love touching my mans arms and chest. 19. I wish smoking was good for you. 20. I desperately want community. 21. I have a few best friends that totally fulfill me. 22. I love gentlemen and women. 23. I will fully love and take care of myself. 24. I hate cars, mine included. 25. I want to be taken seriously. 26. I will do any thing for a laugh. 27. I will make a living doing my passion. 28. I want to weave like Alison Morton. 29. I don't like perfect houses. 30. I love people that allow me to be truly who I am. 31. My sister Colleen is the funniest person I know besides Anna. 32. I see my dad every where and in every thing. 33. I love my Mom. 34. I LOVE TO SING!!! 34. I love to create new things. 35. I love kissing my husband. 36. I love being present with my kids. 37. I want to be of service and stay out of my head. 38. My sister Kate loves me unconditionally. 39. My sister Susie would do any thing for me and any one else. 40. I want to be able to write with my real voice. 41. I have integrity. 42. I can't keep it all together. 43. I am not a morning person, LEAVE ME ALONE, unless you have coffee. 44. I can be self centered. 45. I am deeply loved. 46.I DEEPLY LOVE.

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Laura said...

I would add, I have guts...

Love you!