Friday, September 11, 2009

making Happy, sandwich and snack bags

We are addressing no waste lunches at our school. My husband makes the lunches and he won't give up the wax paper, so I am selling my own version of the reusable cloth sandwich bags, pure and simple. There are a lot of cloth sandwich bags out there. Most of them are made with velcro, Pul or nylon, all are petroleum products. I am interested in offering them with nylon linings as well. I will see if I can get some nice quality reclaimed. I don't consider my self fanatical about anything. This is just my art and my passion, to explore design excluding the toxic parts. I have so many cute fabrics for these, you can purchase them at my etsy shop.


Laura said...

Hi Molly! Lovely site, and I love all the uses for fabrics.

I have an idea for you, let's talk on Wednesday, when you come to my house.


PeaceMama said...

lovethese! want to make some!