Monday, July 13, 2009

Youth Making a Difference Cleaning The Creeks

It was our fist day of Youth Making a difference Summer camp. What a blast!!!! We started off our week with a day of cleaning creeks in Mill Valley. I learned so much about how the water flows through our town, and what it picks up along the way  to the bay. We talked about where creeks start and travel to. We asked a lot of questions and found a lot of clues, like oil marks leading to gutters then dumping into that stream. Every thing that is in our streets, pesticides in our gardens, garbage left behind, ends up in our streams and bay. The girls were so excited and had many  solutions, it truly inspired me. They couldn't wait to start.  They picked up every piece of garbage they saw, even cigarette butts. Using 100% compostable bags and rubber gloves we went to work spending 3 1/2 hours that morning , next stop Tony's shoe repair, we went to get fancy Italian show boxes from Misok for our treasure box project the next day. To finish this day off we went to pick some neighborhood plum trees to make our plum jam. I had grown up picking plums from this tree, but when you are trying to get 3 pounds of plums, it always  nice to ask the owners of the property. At first I was kind of scared, what if they say no? they might not want to be bothered. Well Barney and Luis were thrilled we were there and came out with a long clipper to help get all we needed. Not only did we harvest beautiful organic fruit, but we also met and became friends with our neighbors. 

                                                No Dumping, drains to bay

                                                         A swing we found along the way
            aha! This is another way water from the streets or other streams flow into this creek. 

It was a real jungle out there, we notice so many shades of green. With a moment to take in the beauty and a deep breath ahhhhhh!
                                              A beautiful bench waiting for us to have snack


                                                    Noticing the beautiful hydrangeas

                                              A clue that the old railroad was around here

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