Friday, February 13, 2009

I love L.A

                                When my dear friend Roberta  jokingly said "get in the car, come with me to L.A" . I said "Hmm, could I actually leave my life for a few days for no good reason? I think I can" I said. We had a freaken blast. 

First stop San Juan Bautista, a potters stodio and shop just off the road.I feel bad I don't have the name. A couple have been there for thirty years. I bought some beautiful glazed white bowl. I love them I will add a picture of them at some point. I loved thier studio. They loved Jazz and Japanese ceramics

                                                  Roberta has taught me so much in life. 
                                               She puts so much intention into her home .
                        You always feel so comfortable and its beautiful every where you look. 
                                                                 Still no nonsence

        "Making happy"  Yes we can quilt. Made with reclaimed linen, silk and Romanian hemp

                        A Jess Brown doll just so happened to be taking a rest on the quilt I made.
                                                                   I am so honored

                                                My sister Colleen  at Taking the Riens

                                    Edele Horne and my Sister Colleen's Home in Silver lake


                                                                        Angela Dufresne



ashley said...

that looks like such a fun trip! those photos are so great! the horses, that potter's studio, ahh how nice!

tara said...

hello Molly- i met you today at the library and am so glad! i love your images, and i'd love to have my children work with you. You're delightful!