Thursday, October 9, 2008

My heart is sad, but hopeful

I'm sitting here in my house contemplating my life and all the changes that I am going through. I can't seem to juggle everything any more. I truly want to bring peace in my life and I'm making some tough decisions about my shop. I have been working really hard at Ambatalia (The fabric society) for 4 years and I have been noticing that the past few years my family have suffered because of my dedication and struggle. My experience has been the most powerful gift I have ever received. I truly started this to do my dream, to maybe make a difference in the world and do my passion. I have grown up, and it brings tears to my eyes to say that I'm closing my store. The fact that I don't have the resources and this hard economic time has haunted me for a while. Ashley that has been working with me, the two of us have so much to give, and will continue in some way.  We tried to give it a go, but as a mother I had to make a change for my family. Any one that visits me here, knows of Ashley and her great gift to the arts, I know she will continue to soar. I personally have created my home line Making happy and its so much fun for me. My kitchen line is at Tyler Florence and I just sold it to ABC Carpets in New York. I hope they will do well there. I want to stay connected with you. keep in touch and I will tell you more, when I know more. For now I'm going to Holland with my family to go to Willem's Mothers 90th birthday. I will stay in touch while I'm there. Because I have a young daughter that got me in to face book, come and be my friend, it's kinda fun. I hope you are all well, and iI send all my love to you, Molly

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Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear that you'll be closing! This must be an incredibly difficult decision for you. I'm sure Fabric Society will return in a new, better incarnation some day soon.

Leslie aka Feisty Elle