Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Musum of Modern art, Family day

My family was so inspired by 0lifer Eliass at the Museum of modern art, if you saw the show you will see why we wanted to play at the mirrored glass in front of the museum. We found many ways to explore!! Jullian saw the show twice, going home that night he created a rainbow tunnel out on legos and a geametric 3 d paper and tape form. I was amazed that he had to explore and create what he saw. The funniest thing was that Juju(Julllian) kept on saying," you have to see the flying van". At the end of the show we were like," where is the flying van?". He said " you all ready saw it when we walked in. It was the flying fan. We had a good laugh, Then a good cream puff, then a good ice skate, it was a good day.


ashley said...

awww... that's the sweetest. jullian is such a smart guy. love the mirror photos!

Anonymous said...

love the photos. nice really nice. such a cute/smart looking family.

Anonymous said...

i love that exhibit! it is so much fun! looks like you guys had a blast!