Monday, February 18, 2008

Annabel Imigrating from Holland (so cute)

I had so much fun making this outfit for my sweet girl Annabel. Because of my learning differences growing up I have developed ways of doing things my way to avoid such things like reading a pattern. I basically designed this by looking at old pictures of Dutch costumes and tracing a pattern to her body. I love the way the hat came out. It was a very sweet day, Mama Molly


Anonymous said...

Molly! it looks so amazing! i'm sure annabel will cherish the beautiful outfit! she looks so amazing, you did an incredible job! how lucky annabel is! it looks great!

Unknown said...

All I can say is that Annabel looks like she stepped right out of a picture... She looks so wonderful! How did the day at school go? Was there food? Music? Dance?

Love you all!

aunt Susie

AlpineGypsy said...

Such a sweet and lovely creation. And the model is adorable too. :)

I just discovered this blog, and DO I LOVE IT! It's in my Favorites now. Just wanted to let you know.