Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The loveMAKERS Sustainable Craft Fair was incredible!! We had 12 different artist there. Check out Molly Meng's thought provoking and humorous cards, Cristina Loff with her pocket books made out of reclaimed billboard material. Katy Kristin and her whimsical treasures . Then there is Jess and Stacy from Maude. They have a beautiful children's store in Petaluma that you MUST do a special trip to see. Trinty, Ezra and Charity came to my event to do live screen printing and show their re-crafted ready wear. Danica making sweet little guys with such unique personality's. New friends to me that night were Regine and Andrea showing their beautiful jewelry!! Last but not least was Emma Jones showing her ever so cute doggie dresses, coats, and leashes all made out of vintage and sustainable fabrics. And of course Ashley was there with her hand felted, organic, plant-dyed wool dresses, bags, and quilts. It was a wonderful night bringing friends together for some beautiful shopping , Music and cheer!

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molly said...

great! i love it! two things i really love, that crack me up--OF COURSE it's MY biz cards by that sweet little glass of wine! and two, you got a photo of that cutie (from the back, but i can tell its him) that bought a little xmas pack of my cards! that was SUCH a fun night! thank you!!