Thursday, December 27, 2007

Celebrating and relaxing with my family this season, closed the shop from the 23rd to Jan 2nd. Hanging out and doing nothing at home. We stayed at my sisters in the city for a few days and went to our favorite place in the world, Japan town. We had some fun!!!! Jullian ( my boy) taken by the santa up above!!
Annabel Loves her noodles!

Traditional German cookies that my sweet friend Nan brought me for Christmas. I am blessed!!
Swiebertje our sweet kitty enjoying his presents!!!
Selina, Camille and Aunt Susie being together.
Colleen my sis sleeping with my new product created that night by the united efforts of my family for people that want to use glass to carry thier water around for a lot of great reasons. She loves her water cozy so much, she's sleeping with it!!
My sister Susanna's apartment is full of heart every where you look!!
Three sisters, a daughter and of coarse the mother!
More of my water cozys!!!!
Adelle, my co-creator of the Water Cozy!! We had so much fun creating this thing. Plastic is history- there is not enough info about how it affects our bodies. Metal is great, but it takes way too much energy to get it. What could be better for every body?? recycled glass bottles. Good for your body, easy to get, oops, easy to break!! thats why you need a water cozy.


Anonymous said...

cute cute cute. happy new year to you molly!!!!

Mary Stanley said...

What a great idea! Love your Blog!
Will visit your store on my next trip up to No. Calif.